Charles Peureux

Research Engineer in Physical Oceanography

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I finished my PhD in ocean waves numerical modelling in 2017 in theLaboratory for Ocean Physics and Satellite remote sensingin Brest (France) under the supervision ofFabrice Ardhuin.I am mainly working onSKIM, a satellite mission proposal to the european space agency.

I am also working on improving surface waves numerical models such as WAVEWATCH(R)III, particularly by better accounting for the so-called short waves (10 cm to 10 m wave length).

On this page, you will find a presentation of mywork, a list ofpublicationsand a list of useful links.



SKIM project

SKIM is satellite mission proposal to the European Space Agency (ESA), submitted in 2019 as part of ESA Earth Explorer 9 program. SKIM would be the first satellite designed for the measurement of the total surface current vector, in other words the true current and the Stokes drift. Such a mission would improve our knowledge on surface currents, known only through altimeters nowadays.

The SKIM project led to a full feasability study, for which only two satellite missions are retained every year. A detailed report resulted, that was officially presented to ESA selection comittee in Cambridge, on July 16th and 17th 2019 ( available in replay ).

My contributions to this project are multiple

  • high resolution (2 km) multi-forcings (wind, surface currents and sea-ice) numerical modeling of sea states using WaveWatch IIIin various regions of the globe (10 regional grids, 5 To data set)
  • elaboration of an innovative method for modelled high resolution surface currents validation
  • performance diagnostics of SKIM products (using spectral methods especially)
  • reconstruction algorithms for the SKIMulator
  • organization of the workshop Doppler Oceanography from Space (97 participants).

Short ocean surface waves and numerical models

Actual sea-state numerical models performances are reaching their limits especially due to a poor representation of short surface waves (10 m to 10 cm wave lengths).

Much of my research work has been dedicated to gathering measurements and bringing improvements to sea-state numerical models such as WaveWatch III.

I contributed, particularly during my thesis, to the elaboration of

  • a method for the analysis of seismo-acoustic records in terms of short waves directional properties
  • a method for the analysis of optical data (stereo-video), improving our knowledge of short waves propagation directions
  • an improvement of the numerical model WaveWatch III (implementation of new physics)
  • a theoratical explanation and a calculation of the physical process responsible for the observed short waves properties (work in progress).


Scientific Papers

Leckler Fabien, Ardhuin Fabrice, Peureux Charles, Benetazzo Alvise, Bergamasco Filippo, Dulov Vladimir,
Analysis and Interpretation of Frequency–Wavenumber Spectra of Young Wind Waves.
J. Phys. Oceanogr., 2015, 45(10), 2484-2496.

Peureux Charles, Ardhuin Fabrice,
Ocean bottom pressure records from the Cascadia array and short surface gravity waves.
J. Geophys. Res. Oceans, 2016, 121(5), 2862-2873.

Aubourg Quentin, Campagne Antoine, Peureux Charles, Ardhuin Fabrice, Sommeria Joel, Viboud Samuel, Mordant Nicolas,
Three-wave and four-wave interactions in gravity wave turbulence.
Phys. Rev. Fluids, 2017, 2(11).

Peureux Charles, Benetazzo Alvise, Ardhuin Fabrice,
Note on the directional properties of meter-scale gravity waves.
Ocean Science, 2018, 14, 41-52.

Ardhuin Fabrice, Brandt Peter, Gaultier Lucile, [...], Peureux Charles, et al.
SKIM, a Candidate Satellite Mission Exploring Global Ocean Currents and Waves.
Front. Mar. Sci., 2019, 6(209).


Peureux Charles, Ardhuin Fabrice, Berger Jonathan, Farrell William, Rawat Arshad,
A broadband investigation of microseisms and ocean surface gravity waves at the Cascadia array,
AGU Fall Meeting 2014, San Francisco, USA.

Peureux Charles, Ardhuin Fabrice,
Dispersion relations of short surface gravity waves over vertically sheared currents from stereo-video measurement,
EGU General Assembly 2016, Vienna, Austria.

Peureux Charles, Ardhuin Fabrice
Mesure et Modélisation des Vagues Courtes,
Journées de l'École Doctorale des Sciences de la Mer 2016, Brest.
Best poster award

Peureux Charles, Ardhuin Fabrice, Royer Jean-Yves
Near field ocean surface waves acoustic radiation observation and modelling,
AGU Fall Meeting 2016, San Francisco, USA.

Peureux Charles, Ardhuin Fabrice, Royer Jean-Yves
Acoustic gravity microseismic pressure signal at shallow stations,
EGU General Assembly 2017, Vienna, Austria.

Peureux Charles, Ardhuin Fabrice
Forward modelling, from waves and currents to SKIM-simulated currents,
Doppler Oceanography from Space workshop, Brest, 10-12th Oct. 2018.

Oral presentations

Peureux Charles, Ardhuin Fabrice, Veras Guimaraes Pedro
Mesure du spectre des vagues courtes in situ par reconstruction stéréo-vidéo
Journée Sillages et Ondes de Surface, April 5th 2016, Orsay, France.

Peureux Charles, Ardhuin Fabrice,
Short ocean wave spectra numerical modelling improvements
Waves In Shallow Environments meeting, May 26th 2016, Venezia, Italy.

Peureux Charles, Veras Guimaraes Pedro, Ardhuin Fabrice,
A modulation source term for short ocean waves numerical modeling
EGU General Assembly, April 10th 2018, Vienna, austria.

Thesis (in French)

Peureux Charles,
Observation and modeling of the directional properties of short ocean surface gravity waves.
supervised by Fabrice Ardhuin, University of Western Brittany, 2017.


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